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Company Information

Are you ordering a Corporation or a Limited Liability Company?

Corporation  Limited Liability Company

The name of your company will appear as you have typed below. Please double-check your spelling. We recommend adding ", Inc." or "Corporation" to corporate names. Limited Liability Companies must have "LLC", "L.L.C." or "Limited Liability Company" in the name.

Company Name:
Alternate Name:
If first choice is not available

Corporations Only

Name of First Director:

If you need to add more names, use the "Comments" area below.

Your corporation will be formed with 25,000 shares of stock at no par value. If you need a different stock setup, please call 800-959-8819 to get a price quote (authorized capitalization affects the state filing fees).

Limited Liability Companies Only

Will the LLC be managed by its Members (the owners) or by a Manager?

Member-Managed  Manager-Managed

Name of Member 1:

Name of Member 2:

Name of Member 3:

Name of Manager:

If you need to add more names, use the "Comments" area below.

Your Information

Title (Mr., Mrs. Ms., Dr, etc):

First Name:

Last Name:

Street Address:



Zip/Postal Code:


Because of the shipping costs, there will be a $100 charge for all orders shipped outside of the United States and Canada

Work Phone:

Home Phone:

Cell Phone:



Required Fees

Nevada State filing fees -- $175
One certified copy -- $20

Resident agent -- $125


Rush Filing -- $125
You will receive your rush order in approximately 3-5 business days.

Corporation Kit (recommended) -- $100

Your Corporation Kit includes:

  • The name of your corporation engraved on the kit.
  • 20 custom printed stock certificates.
  • Custom hand press corporate seal (your corporation's "signature").
  • Minutes of the First Meeting of the Board of Directors, Minutes of the First Meeting of the Shareholders, Minutes of Special Meetings of Shareholders and Directors, Minutes of Annual Meetings of Shareholders and Directors, and many more resolutions and forms.
  • Your corporate by-laws.
  • Forms necessary to get your new corporation up and running quickly, so you can start reaping the benefits right away, including forms to obtain S-Corporation status, to get your E.I.N. number, etc.

Your corporation kit will be shipped to you separately from your corporation documents.

Please include a copy of The Nevada Corporation Handbook with my order -- $69.95.

The Nevada Corporation Handbook, by Derek G. Rowley, is designed to provide effective, legal strategies and solutions for tax savings, liability protection, privacy, estate planning, and a host of other problems and difficulties. Extensive and detailed information and strategies are presented in a format that can be easily understood and implemented by the expert and the novice alike. It is recommended and relied on by corporate planners, attorneys and other financial experts. If you do not have the time to delve into the world of strategies utilizing corporations, give this book to your accountant or attorney -- you will be glad you did.

I want to sign up for the Nevada Corporate Headquarters Program¨. (Includes the mail forwarding service listed below.)

Prepay $995 annually (Over 25% discount off monthly rate)

Month-to-Month ($330 for first month and the last two month and $110/month thereafter)

I want weekly mail forwarding service ($225/year, postage included for letters).

Nominee Services

Nominee services are used to keep your name out of the public record. There are three levels of Nominee service available. For maximum privacy, the Presidential Management Nominee Service will even keep your name off the corporate bank account.

Organizational Nominee Service. Nominee will serve for 90 days from incorporation date. ($500.00)

Enhanced Nominee Service. Nominee will serve for one year from incorporation date. ($1,000 annual)

Privacy Management Nominee Service. Nominee will serve for one year from incorporation date and provide bank account opening and check signing/bill paying services. ($2,000.00 annual)

Merchant Accounts. We have special contacts in this industry that can get you a merchant account if you've had a problem elsewhere. Check this box if you would like to be contacted about this. No obligation.

I would like to obtain a Certificate of Existence (also known as a Certificate of Good Standing) for my corporation. ($75 on a normal basis, $150 on a rush basis.

I would like extra Certified Copies of my Articles of Incorporation. Normally, you will receive one Certified Copy of your Articles of Incorporation. If you would like additional copies, please indicate how many you would like. ($40 per extra Certified Copy)

ADP Payroll Service. Most corporations need employees to be legitimate. If you don't want to concern yourself with the details of payroll and the hassles of withholding, FICA, quarterly reporting, etc. then you should think about hiring ADP to handle your payroll for you. It is very inexpensive and can be set up to be completely automated. ADP is one of the most respected payroll services in the industry with the experience and the staff to handle your payroll with the excellent service you expect and deserve. Check this box if you want to be contacted by ADP for more information. No obligation.

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Comments and
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Important Information

Other Fees

Your credit card will NOT be charged for these fees.

  • $165 to file your Initial List of Officers. Nevada requires you to file a List of Officers by the first day of the second month following incorporation. This gives you 30-60 days to file this list, depending on what day of the month your corporation is filed. You will receive a blank form for the List of Officers with your corporation. This is an annual requirement. You will not be charged for this fee up front.
  • $25 for your State Business License. Nevada requires all corporations to obtain a State Business License. There is a $25 one time fee for this. The application is included with your corporation. You will not be charged for this fee up front.
  • $125 Resident Agent Renewal fee. Your first year's Resident Agent service is included with your new corporation. Each additional year is $125. We will bill you when it comes time to renew your Resident Agent service.

By submitting this form, you indicate that you have read, understand, and agree with the information presented above. All that we say or do is submitted and performed with the understanding that we are not a legal or accounting firm. If legal, accounting or other professional advice is needed, the services of a professional in that field should be sought.

A Nevada corporation is typically filed within one month. Rush are usually formed within 3-5 days. Please call us at 800-959-8819 if you have any questions about your corporation.

Order Total:  

Payment Method

Complete your order immediatelly with a secured (SSL) credit card payment.

You also have the option of paying by "Check By Internet". You can enter your account information on the next page, and we will print a draft which will be debited from your checking account. United States orders only, please. (Note: when you pay by credit card your order will be processed faster.)

Check or
Money Order

If you do not wish to pay by credit card or "Check By Internet", you may fill out this form, print it, and mail it to us along with your check or money order. Please make check payable to "Companies Incorporated" and send to:
Companies Incorporated
27201 Tourney Road Suite 201K
Santa Clarita CA 91355

Any information you submit by this form will be held as confidential by Our policy is to not sell, rent, share, or give away your information unless compelled to do so by due process of law.

Privacy Policy


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